Friday, January 31, 2014

Infinite-loop gets more loopy

I'm not here on this blog today for any reasons to write something entertaining. This page has become more like a good old friend to whom I turn to when sad to the core. A friend who would just want to listen me venting out my sorrows. Do not wish me to come here often and write often, I want to be happy girl which I was in 2009 2003, or may be all the time before 2002 or so the time which I do not remember being sad about anything. I do not understand where the wrong is, mostly I believe it is in me. I've heard many great stories about woman making the world a happier place, unfortunately I'm contributing more to world's sad-entropy. It is the Infinite-loop all over again, more intense, also the time in between had been same. There is no particular reason for my sadness, cause  I go and invent things to be sad at. Which I believe are true and are acts done deliberately to make me sad, but why would someone do like that to a sweet girl like me, I must be hallucinating all the time. This cannot be good, talking to friends/family hasn't helped so far. I want assurance of someone else who is busy making world happier but me. May be I should visit some sad places/people then I would appreciate how my reasons to be sad are so petty.

Oh, there is a happy blog of mine as well somewhere, so either I'm really sad or happy.

PS: Two posts in a day, the last post was in the drafts which I totally forgot to post and it is not sad.

Tricks of Universe

Last week something strange happened or I thought it would happen? I got to know that a certain person is in my city. I do not have any contact with him for more than three years. He had been blocked on all social sites by me, and I was relieved that even if he died I would not come to know. But the universe finds a way for me to tell that he is in town and within 100 meters of my exact office location(universe is perfect, I and he do not have no common friends, still). No worries, he cannot get into my office and I never go out during office hours so there will not be any chance of encounter. Then Universe plays another trick, and creates a situation where I had to go out during office hours to the location near the location where he will be(I for sure got to know he will be there). So with pounding heart I go out, catch a bus and go to near that place and be back, all the while anticipating an encounter. Oh well did it happen? No, this is how Universe works! But don't be disappointed, I had an equally unanticipated encounter meeting a person(who I would wish to go away from this world like woof.) in a place where never in my dreams I thought I would ever go or I would ever find someone. It was like what my friend said when I told her whole experience "What are the odds?"

PS: This post has been in drafts for two months

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Where is the 'Good' in Goodbye?

I've never been good at Goodbyes, I always run out of words while parting away. How pleasantly people say ‘It was nice meeting you’, I can’t even remember to say this simple sentence.  Goodbyes make me sad, and leave me without words. No matter how carefully I choose the words I can never make any Goodbye sweet. There are times when I know that I will never meet the person again in my lifetime. Suddenly the world becomes an enormous pit, where people get lost. Things never come around and world is not small. Sure one can connect through internet and several other ways, but it never happens.  I want a few more talks to be exchanged before finally parting away. Or there are more than few talks, and more things to sort out and know and God only knows what. But I cannot hold the time, it moves on...