Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December - Sealed box of memories

Memories are like fragrance no matter how hard you try you cannot seal them in a box. They would find a way to come out and mess with your senses. With December the memories of year long come flooding back. Year would end but would these memories cease to exist as the year?

So you're getting married?
I wanted to call and tell you first, but you came to know before itself, maybe it's time you stop keeping tabs on my activities. 
Hahaha... Can't help it. But I knew you would call one last time.
I know, but I wanted to be the one to tell you this. How are you?
How could I be?
Stop using cheesy lines.
Hahaha... (Shallow laugh again). If you're happy, I'm happy.I owe you some money I want to give it back now, will give to your friend collect from him. You said to return it when I start earning.
Forget about it, I won't ask you for that money on Judgment day. *
I'm going to ask many questions to you on Judgment day...
I've discarded all your things.
How would you discard memories? 
Anyways, be happy, I pray for your wellness. 
I need your blessings, please keep praying for me... 
I always do
I pray for you all the time and I will continue to...
Because of your prayers only, I'm this successful now.

For Months of the year challenge


  1. Lots of emotions embedded in these few lines...she finally got the closure she alwys wanted..but the question is will he stop haunting her in dreams now?

  2. i wonder how many people would have had such conversation...then i wonder how can we keep a count of such enormous number...

    1. Likewise, you may also wonder, how many people fall in love and how to keep count of them. But everyone's love is unique to themselves and they think noone has ever been in love this way. :)

  3. I can feel these lines, silently they do keep praying for well being and always tend to ignore when they meet ! !

    Anyways best wishes , even my prayers shall always be around :)

  4. Maybe its just destiny to fall in love but not stay together...or for that matter choice. Found your blog...nice to read it...